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Honeysuckle & Coconut Goat Milk Products

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of honeysuckle make it excellent for skin care treatments.

The aromatic oil that you extract from this herb is used in aromatherapy and is very useful in easing mental stress as well as physical stress. This oil extract makes your mind calm and at peace, allowing you to relax. Enjoy our soothing Honeysuckle & Coconut Goat Milk Products.

Goat milk offers benefits not found in traditional body care products. There is a reason that your skin feels soft and stays that way when you use our products! The pH of goat milk is so close to that of your own skin, it absorbs easily and stays in the skin, helping to keep it hydrated and beautiful. The goat milk, and vitamins A and D also help to keep your skin looking great naturally. Dionis Goat Milk products are nature's balanced moisturizer.

Fragrance Description: The sweet smell of the creamy white and yellowish trumpet-shaped blossoms of the honeysuckle, blended with coconut cream.

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