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Lavender Blossom Goat Milk Sugar Scrub

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Dionis Goat milk body scrub has exfoliating granules that help reveal healthier, younger looking skin.

Lavender flowers are spike-like flowers composed of multiple, small purple flowers or “florets” on long narrow stems. They have been valued for centuries for their physical beauty, soothing fragrance, healing properties, and multitude of uses.

Sugar scrubs are an exfoliating body treatment that are a more gentle alternative to salt scrubs. They were considered more effective at exfoliating the skin.  They are easier to manage and can remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, without causing pain. A sugar scrub is an especially good choice if your skin is extremely sensitive.

A sugar scrub also hydrates your skin because the sugar is combined with oil and often an aromatic and uplifting essential oil like lavender. The sugar scrub is followed by a shower or bath. Once your skin is dry, apply your choice of our Goat Milk body lotion, leaving your skin soft and fragrant

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